Tom Debney

Executive Director, FAPIC Co-Founder & Management
Tom’s career has comprised of senior roles in gen­eral management and operations with compa­nies such as Hoechst, Nutrinova and UCB. Tom has extensive experience in managing organi­sations in Asia and Europe. He has extensive experience in the food, fine chem­icals and packaging industries.  With strong operational skills and extensive experience in developing and managing process.
Tom previously was a scientist with CSIRO Dairy Research Laboratory and later work in dairy with Kraft Foods in new product development and then Chr Hansens who are leading supplier of dairy cultures and natural colours. He has been responsible for a number of product launches in Australia including the cultures in the initial Danone launch in Australia and a large number of fermented product developments in the Australian and Asian markets. He has worked on products with similar profiles in the past.
Tom has a Bachelor of Science and Graduate Diploma in Management as well as extensive high level management training at various in­ternational business schools and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Direc­tors and fellow of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology.
Tom is Chairman of FAPIC and a mentor on the CSIRO ON Prime program for innovation and new products.