Food Consultant
30 years in the food industry working in product, processing and packaging developing in food ingredients and in FMCG.

One key learning: it is far better to "know why" something happens rather than just "know how". With "know why" you can extrapolate not just interpolate.

His aim is to help food companies grow and improve their businesses by helping them develop "know why" as well as "know how". He can do this by asking the right questions and applying my broad range of technical and business skills.

Nigel has extensive expertise in:
  • Food science, food engineering and bioprocessing.
  • Dairy science, especially cheese.
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Food ingredients and interactions, especially gelling agents such as gelatine
  • Training and developing of technical staff in key non-technical skills
  • Developing Innovation & R&D strategies to support business strategies
  • R&D business processes such as Stage-Gate
  • Product and processing improvement
  • Product design
  • Translating technical information into plain English
  • Conducting mass balances to identify losses
  • Linking science & technology to commercial outcomes
  • A trusted link between the commercial and academic worlds.
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills, leadership qualities and team building capability.
  • Strategic thinker and problem solver with the flexibility to adapt to challenging and diverse environments.