Principal Consultant, FAPIC Co-Founder & Management
 Juraj Durco is a leader in the food business, specializing in FMCG, product, and packaging development and with extensive experience in research and development. He has worked in a wide variety of environments, overseeing large-scale projects and developing talent as he comes across it. For eighteen years, he has travelled the globe, connecting with the best and the brightest, guiding startups to success and helping established companies to expand and grow their presence. A gifted communicator, he works best in a collaborative setting, and with twelve years of leadership experience, he knows how to take charge of situations and get the desired results. From pipeline development to product strategy, Juraj has seen it all.
At AIFST, he has served as the Head of Innovation and Product Development, joining in 2015. He has also volunteered his time as a committee member and a member of the national innovation team.
Having successfully launched products in Latin America, the United States, West Europe, Central Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and other regions, Juraj brings to every project a cultured, international perspective. He has a gift for broad foresight and a sharpened ability to spot issues before they become problems. He is a huge proponent of keeping things simple, and he makes a point of removing unnecessary complexities from the processes and products of which he is a part. An organized individual by nature, Juraj injects a healthy dose of the structure into everything that he touches.
With a pragmatic approach and a creative mind, Juraj is known within the food industry for improving existing products and directing new products to market smoothly. He has been responsible for a vast number of tasks over the years, including margin improvement, productivity management, cost analysis, and portfolio simplification. Never one to turn down a challenge, Juraj knows what he likes to do and refuses to let up until he knows he has done that thing as best as he can. He is a truly indispensable asset for any team of which he becomes a part.
Juraj has sharp business acumen, a proven track record for end-to-end success, and management capabilities that translate well into any stage of a business. He is an expert in a huge number of areas, including recipe and product development, stage gate process, complex project management, market trend analysis, project commercialization, consumer science, specification management, product safety and shelf life, and regulatory concerns. Passionate about food, Juraj founded 8P Solutions and FAPIC in order to serve the food industry, with an eye toward becoming a leader for food industry consultations in the Asian Pacific.
Recently involved in one of the market leaders in FMCG and there, his responsibilities included designing, developing, and deploying the product and portfolio strategies and collaborating with other team members in order to improve processes and increase productivity. He was responsible for identifying innovation and productivity pipelines and for achieving higher profits, in addition to applying best practices and strategies to improve the overall portfolio.
Juraj has also been doing consulting work over the last years, providing his expertise in a variety of areas. As the inventor of the 8P model, he has become recognized for innovation and ingenuity, both principles that he applies to his recent assignment with FMCG market leader and to every other area of his professional life.
At the CSIRO Lean LaunchPad Program, Juraj worked as a volunteer mentor, providing expertise in the food industry that led to the development of new techniques for evaluating the market and competing technologies in the 3D printing field. He received particular commendations from Dr Timothy Hughes, Team Leader at CSIRO Manufacturing. James Andrade, Adjunct Professor at Griffith University and a mentor to Juraj, describes him as “one of the most creative problem solvers [he has] worked with.”